Map created by CartoDB team

One day at Nürburging

Nürburing is a well known race track located near Nürburg (Germany) where people from all over the world visit to test their cars over a 20.8 km (12.8 miles) course.

This past May, 8000vueltas (a nice Spanish site about [race] cars) went to the ring with their Audi RS4 to spend a few days driving and having fun. We prepared and attached an Android application to a 4hz GPS to register the data during those days. Here we present some of the results.

This first map shows the different aceleration forces in the car, brake force, aceleration force and lateral forces.

In this second map you can see the speed heatmap over the circuit. There are two laps aggregated. The bottom-center (5:30 on a clock) of the map is the track start